Welcome to Malaysia’s First Personal Trainer to Gym, Booking Platform

Giving freelance trainers access to training facilities around Klang Valley

Our Partners

Fitup.my was built to provide trainers with locations and options, to train their clients around Klang Valley

For trainers, just

  1. Register
  2. Find a suitable gym location
  3. Buy credits & book your slots up to 2 weeks ahead
  4. Train your client!

For gym owners, keep reading, we’ve got something for you too.

As trainers, you want more clients to work with. You want flexibility with your locations & time. You also need to feed yourself.

No more sneaking about gym chains, hoping the management doesn’t catch on to what you’re doing. We’ve all been there. It’s a rough start.

Now you have options and places to comfortably train your clients, in fully, equipped, gyms. Best of all? No immense upfront cost of opening your own gyms.


We help by giving you access to our partner gyms within our network. Great facilities and equipment, large reach, and above all, supportive gym owners.

We don’t just want you to train your clients. We want you to grow with us and our network of coaches.

For gym owners, to maximise profits, you must maximise usage time.

But there are lulls. To fill those lulls, we can help connect trainers to your gym at those times.

It’s simple and really quick. We can go from first email to listing your gym in 5 working days. Contact us on Monday, and should all go well, you’ll be on our database by Friday.

Contact us at support@fitup.my if you’re interested in being a partner gym.

For a limited time only, we will foot the installation costs. Yes, we foot it. You enjoy the benefits.